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What We offer

Individual Development

Individuals are key to an organization’s success. Clarity of role and alignment of goals are crucial. Individuals must understand the competencies they need for success now and in the future. Also important, the work environment and culture must encourage and reinforce individual growth and development.

People Consulting Group can help by:

  • Developing comprehensive 360-degree feedback to create realistic development plans
  • Developing consistent and actionable individual development plans
  • Mapping individual competencies against job expectations
  • Performing a gap analysis between individuals’ current skills and their development needs
  • Identifying development opportunities

Team Development

As any coach knows, Team Dynamics can help or hinder individual performance. The People Consulting Group can help optimize the strengths of each individual on the team for the greater goal by:

  • Assisting newly formed teams to identify critical success factors
  • Helping teams identify and bridge their skill and capability gaps
  • Identifying Team Development Stages and create impact plans to enhance team performance

We also offer a Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) Workshop for teams. This teambuilding action helps team members identify how they make decisions & process information. This workshop assists teams with communication, conflict and increasing performance.

Organizational Development

People Consulting Group can help you by:

  • Developing strategic plans and visions to lead the organization
  • Developing competencies. These “competency profiles” for individuals, teams, or departments ensure that performance expectations remain consistent across your organization
  • Managing organizational change

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